Analysing Islamophobia

‘Muslims Under Siege: Alienating Vulnerable Communities’

Peter Oborne and James Jones’ pamphlet entitled accompanied their documentary ‘It Shouldn’t Happen to a Muslim’.  These investigated the extent to which the fear of terrorism has fuelled the rise of violence, intolerance and hatred against British Muslims.

Islamophobia and Anti muslim hate-crime – research by the European Muslim Research Centre

This report published 28 January 2010 reveals the trends behind underreported violence against Muslims in London by Dr Jonathan Githens-Mazer and Dr Robert Lambert MBE, of the University of Exeter.

It illuminates how contexts of fear and prejudice against Muslims are providing a basis for violence against Muslim communities.

This is the first step in a ten year research project led by the European Muslim Research Centre at the University of Exeter that will investigate Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate crime in towns and cities across Europe.

This report provides research for and about Muslims in Europe. The authors call for anti-Muslim hate crimes to be taken more seriously by government, media and the police.

The report finds that Muslim Londoners face a threat of violence and intimidation from three groups. Firstly from a small violent extremist nationalist milieu that has broadly the same political analysis as the British National Party (BNP). Secondly from London gangs who have no allegiance with or affinity to the BNP. Thirdly from a small number of Londoners and visitors to London who appear to be acting on prejudices gained via negative media portrayals of Muslims as terrorists and security threats.

ICM Poll on Muslim community (2008)

An exclusive ICM opinion poll commissioned for Dispatches reveals the extent to which Muslims have experienced hostility, abuse and prejudice since 7/7. The same poll also reveals the general public’s attitudes towards Islam and relations with Muslims.

Study of Press depiction of Muslim communities (2008)

Dispatches commissioned a sophisticated study of press coverage from Cardiff University’s School of Journalism. The research examined articles published in the British press over the last eight years and their depiction of Muslims and Islam.

Article on Census – Muslims are most deprived faith group

The last Census (2001) revels the reveals that Muslims are the most deprived faith group: